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Identifying Phytophthora risk in plant nurseries – an international collaboration between science and industry that is helping to shape best practice.

Friday 12 May 2023 1400 – 1500

Presented by Sarah Green

Hosted by Debbie Frederickson-Matika

What is this seminar about?

Invasive Phytophthora pathogens are causing significant economic damage to agricultural, horticultural and forestry crops worldwide, as well as ecological damage to native plant species in wider environments. These pathogens are well adapted to thriving in plant nurseries and traded plants are a well-documented pathway facilitating their spread both nationally and internationally.

The ‘EUPHRESCO ID-PHYT’ project (June 2020-March 2023) involved a collaboration of science teams in six partner countries who used a standardised set of protocols to detect and analyse Phytophthora pathogens in their plant nurseries. Industry stakeholders in a broader range of countries were also surveyed for their perceptions on biosecurity in the trade.

One outcome of the project is a shared best practice guidance document for reducing Phytophthora risk in trade which will be translated into five different languages.

This webinar will present an overview of project findings across the partner countries, emphasising the benefits of science-stakeholder collaboration and engagement on plant health at an international level.

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar will be of particular interest to practitioners working in plant/tree nurseries and suppliers, plant health policymakers and regulatory authorities, also landscape architects and those involved in the procurement of plants for planting schemes.

Additional information

To register for this seminar you will be required to agree to us holding the personal information you provide for the purposes of this seminar for a period of up to 14 days after the date of the seminar.  You can read the Forestry Commission’s personal information charter on

A recording of the seminar will be placed on the Forest Research Vimeo channel.

Event details

Friday 12 May 2023