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    ESCom 2020 workshop: Scotland’s National Ecological Network – progress and practicalities

    Lead Author: Chloe Bellamy
    Summary of a workshop for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to discuss the progress and practicalities of developing a National Ecological Network in Scotland. Embedded in this approach to more sustainable land use is the need to take stock of progress towards regional and national ecological networks to increase resilience into the future.
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    Urban Forests in a European Perspective: what can the National Forest Inventory tell us?

    Lead Author: Natalie Marie Gulsrud
    This pilot project demonstrates that the NFI data, in combinationwith the DEGURBA approach, provides existing data onEuropean urban forests. Now that we know what we have, thereis potential to quantify and qualify the state and trends ofEuropean urban forests. Moving forward we can draw onexisting policies and concepts such as ecosystem services tomodel what urban […]
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    Cultural ecosystem benefits of urban and peri-urban green infrastructure across different European countries

    Lead Author: Liz O’Brien
    Research urges decision-makers to take account of broad ranging cultural benefits gained from green spaces in our towns and cities The cultural benefits of green spaces, sometimes referred to as ‘green infrastructure’, are difficult to measure and value. As a result they lack integration into decision making about how to design and manage green infrastructure. […]
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    Study finds site-specific factors more important than regional climate in determining urban tree growth

    Study finds site-specific factors more important than regional climate in determining urban tree growth
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    Trees and Woods in Scottish Towns: The role of Local Authorities

    Lead Author: Anna van der Jagt
    Report giving a snapshot of the state of urban tree management by local authorities in Scotland. By A. van der Jagt and Anna Lawrence What's of interest If your organisation has an interest in working with us on collaborative research related to greening brownfield or contaminated sites then please email: Related pages Brownfield regeneration […]
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    Planning for brownfield land regeneration to woodland and wider green infrastructure

    Lead Author: Gail Atkinson
    The regeneration of brownfield land to green space can deliver multiple benefits to society and the environment through improvements in the quality of a site and its surrounding landscape. Successful delivery of regeneration projects is dependent on the planning of project delivery and on good project management. This Practice Note describes the process of brownfield […]
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    Trees, people and the built environment – Proceedings of the Urban Trees Research Conference 13-14 April 2011

    Lead Author: Mark Johnston
    Our urban forests, the trees and woodlands in and around our towns and cities, provide numerous environmental, economic and social benefits. As the most important single component of green infrastructure these trees have a vital role to play in promoting sustainable communities. In April 2011, for the first time in Britain, the relevant professional bodies […]
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    Street tree valuation systems

    Lead Author: Vadims Sarajevs
    Street trees and urban woodlands provide a number of environmental and social benefits, including contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation and providing urban green space. This Note presents the results of a review of three approaches to estimating the amenity value of street trees: CAVAT, Helliwell and i-Tree.
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    Integrated remediation, reclamation and greenspace creation on brownfield land

    Lead Author: Tony Hutchings
    An overview of how greenspace can be established and used in a sustainable regeneration context on brownfield land. By T.R. Hutchings, D. Sinnett, K.J. Doick, K. Pediaditi and A.J. Moffat. CL:AIRE SUBR:IM Bulletin 11 Contact Kieron Doick
  • Publications

    Field portable X-ray fluorescence (FPXRF): A rapid and low cost alternative for measuring metals and metalloids in soils

    Lead Author: Caroline Kilbride
    By Caroline Kilbride, Jane Poole, Tony Hutchings, Olga Rodriguez-Walters, Danielle Sinnett, Andy Brunt and Andy Moffat. CL:AIRE Research Bulletin 7. What's of interest If your organisation has an interest in working with us on collaborative research related to greening brownfield or contaminated sites then please email: Related pages Brownfield regeneration Urban greening
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    Woodland establishment on landfill sites: Ten years of research

    Lead Author: Kirsten Foot
    Contract report to the Department for Communities and Local Government detailing research over a ten year period to examine tree growth on modern containment landfill sites. By Kirsten Foot and Andy Moffat. Please note this publication is archived and only available from the author Related pages Brownfield regeneration
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    The use of compost in the regeneration of brownfield land

    Lead Author: Danielle Sinnett
    Integrated remediation and greening of urban greenspace using compost for the establishment of plant growth on remediated soils and the development of novel compost for the remediation of metal contaminated land. By R. van Herwijnen, G. Sellers, D. Sinnett, A.J. Moffat, T.R. Hutchings, A. Al-Tabbaa and S. Ouki. CL:AIRE SUBR:IM Bulletin 10 What's of interest […]
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    Lead Author: Kieron Doick
    A monitoring and evaluation strategy for urban greenspace. Contact Kieron Doick
  • Publications

    Best Practice Guidance for Land Regeneration

    Lead Author: Forest Research
    Best Practice Guidance for Land Regeneration is a series of Guidance Notes based on research and practical experience in the restoration of brownfield land for woodland and urban greening.
  • Publications

    [Archive] Timber cladding in Scotland

    Lead Author: Bruce Walker
    Information note on Timber cladding
  • Publications

    [Archive] The potential for woodland on urban and industrial wasteland in England and Wales

    Lead Author: Duncan Perry
    This report considers the use of woodlands as a means of rehabilitating urban and industrial wastelands, and the availability of such land as a resource for new woodlands in England and Wales. This publication is still available in hardcopy.
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    [Archive] Creating and managing woodlands around towns

    Lead Author: Simon J. Hodge
    This Handbook describes how to plan, create and manage urban woodlands. The primary role of urban forestry is to provide multi-purpose woodlands which improve the quality of daily life for the 46 million urban people of Britain and so the Handbook goes beyond the technical issues of establishing and m anaging trees to encompass community […]
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    [Archive] Research for practical arboriculture

    Lead Author: S.J. Hodge (Ed)
    This Bulletin records the proceedings of a seminar held at York University in April 1990, organised jointly by the Arboricultural Association and the Forestry Commission. The seminar was the third of its kind, held every 5 years, since 1980, updating the arboriculture industry on current arboriculture research in the United Kingdom. Twenty-six papers are presented […]