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Landscape around buildings

Cardiff city landscape with urban trees. The Hayes Landscape around buildings should be designed to include green infrastructure such as tree planters, ponds, grass and lawn areas, green roofs and sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

The green space that is incorporated in the landscape around buildings in urban areas can provide a number of benefits:

  • The planting of trees next to buildings can provide shading and cooling and thereby reduce the need for air conditioning in summer months, and can provide shelter from winds and reduce heating requirements in winter
  • The provision of aesthetically pleasing green space can encourage people to take part in recreation and exercise thereby improving health and well-being
  • Views of green space from offices have been shown to improve concentration and work productivity, and reduce recovery time of patients in hospitals
  • Improved landscape quality through green space can promote investment and attract companies to an area which leads to economic regeneration of deprived or neglected areas.

Greenspace quality  –  a guide to assessment, planning and strategic development (PDF-403K) provides practical guidance to assist developers and housing associations in improving the quality of greenspace in residential areas to create better neighbourhoods and more sustainable places.

Tools & Resources
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