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Responsibilities include software project specification, software design, software quality assurance, software programming, database design, integration and testing.

Stephen joined Forest Research in 2003, where he has specialised in the implementation of scientific outputs as software components. He obtained a BSc in Chemistry at Edinburgh University, a PGDip in Software Technology from Napier University and a BSc in IT and Computing from the Open University. Prior to joining Forest Research Stephen worked as a research scientist then a software engineer in various private sector establishments.

Software Developer
Climate change

Forest Research

Northern Research Station


Midlothian EH25 9SY


Related Research


Exploring changes in ecosystem services under varying scenarios

Exploration of the resilience of woodlands to future change by assessing how ecosystem service values and natural capital stocks of woodlands may be affected by change through the application of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA) scenarios and different management approaches, e.g. forest diversification through the application of forest management alternatives

Status current

Peer reviewed journal articles

Ray, D., Bathgate, S., Moseley, D., Taylor, P., Nicoll, B., Pizzirani, S. & Gardiner, B. (2014) Comparing the provision of ecosystem services in plantation forests under alternative climate change adaptation management options in Wales. Regional Environmental Change, DOI 10.1007/s10113-014-0644-6.