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Sarah joined Forest Research in May 2021 as an Entomology Diagnostician. Previous to this role, her research has been focused on the responses of invertebrate communities to environmental change and management interventions. Sarah obtained her PhD from Western Sydney University, Australia, in 2017, with subsequent post-doctoral work in the United States and Sweden.

Since June 2022, as Entomology Response Manager, Sarah coordinates FR’s contribution to management and eradication programmes for forestry pests across the UK, including Ips typographus. Sarah advises on surveillance, diagnosis, and management as part of government-led Incident Management Teams, and communicates management objectives to external stakeholders. Sarah delivers training on dealing with outbreaks and surveillance techniques to other entomologists, contractors, and stakeholders, and contributes to writing and revising national and FR-specific contingency plans.


Member of the Royal Entomological Society
Member of the British Ecological Society

Entomology Response Manager
Tree health

Alice Holt

Alice Holt Lodge




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Book Chapter:


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