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Romany is an environmental scientist at Forest Research, currently working on developing the Defra Nature for Climate funded project: Woodland Water Code (WWC). The project aims to research, design, test and launch a WWC for one or more woodland water services to encourage greater private investment in woodland creation to improve the freshwater environment.

Prior to joining Forest Research in April 2023, Romany completed a Master of Research (MRes) in Green Chemistry, Energy and the Environment at Imperial College London. Her research analysed water movement through synthetic soils, created using lignin extracted from plant matter. She also holds Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Surrey.

Romany Vassell

BSc (Hons), MRes
Environmental Scientist
Physical environmental sciences

Alice Holt Lodge



GU10 4LH

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Developing a Woodland Water Code

The design and development of a Woodland Water Code (WWC) to act as a crediting mechanism to encourage private investment in trees for the improvement of the freshwater environment.

Status current