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Max Blake


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Advice and scientific support for tree health

Responsible for the entomology branch of the Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service, including the provision of invertebrate identifications and effective, efficient, and impartial advice to a range of stakeholders, from public reports to high level forest management.

Scientific support for Phytosanitary Regulation

Provision of entomological support to the Forestry Commission Plant Health Service, investigating instances of non-indigenous insects intercepted entering the UK on wood-associated products, and advising on Phytosanitary Regulation for Quarantine and Regulated pests. Additional work also includes monitoring for species against which the UK has Protected Zone status.

Surveillance and eradication

Entomological support for Protected Zone and wider surveys for Quarantine insects, including diagnostics and supporting advice. Leads on the scientific support for the Ips typographus eradication and wider monitoring program.

Max joined Forest Research in 2017 after working on beetles at Aberystwyth University, including population genetics (microsatellites, DNA barcoding), species distribution modelling, and fungal metabarcoding.

Advisory Entomologist
Tree health

Forest Research

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