Ian Craig

Permanent Sample Plot Network

Project leader

Develop MOSES-GB model

Data acquisition

Contract and project reports

Craig, I.R., Mackie, E.D., Arcangeli, C. and Matthews, R.W. (2017) Growth and yield of young improved Sitka spruce stands. Report for FC Scotland. Forest Research: Farnham.

Mackie, E.D., Craig, I.R., Arcangeli, C. and Matthews, R.W. (2015) Strategic review of mensuration sample plot data acquisition. Report produced for Research Strategy Management Board as part of FC Science and Innovattion Strategy Programme 6. Forest Research: Farnham.

Matthews, R., Craig, I., Mackie, E. and Randle T (2011) Estimating the woodfuel potential of Woolhope Dome. Final Report to Forestry Commission England and Natural England. Forest Research, Farnham.

Other meetings

Tuition in forest mensuration and survey techniques at two-day international Graduate Summer School on GHG flux measurement and upscaling, organised as part of the NERC GREENHOUSE project, August 2016, at Straits site, AH; “hands-on” measurement of forest carbon and GHG balance measurements and analysis for c. 24 post-graduates and early career scientists.