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Georgios Xenakis

BSc, MSc, PhD, MICFor

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Georgios’ work focus on quantifying the greenhouse gas, water and energy balances of forest plantations. Using a combination of micrometerological techniques and eco-physiological process-based models, he looks to understand the effect forest management and drought have on tree carbon and water uptake. He is also managing the Harwood Forest GHG monitoring site.

Georgios studied for a BSc in Forestry with the Department of Forestry of the TEI of Kavala, Greece (1996-2000). He then studied for an MSc in Resource Management (2001-2002) and a PhD (2002-2007) in Forest Ecophysiology and process-based modelling with the University of Edinburgh. He first joint Forest Research in 2006 as a junior researcher for a period of four years working on modelling climate change adaptation on ecological species suitability and process-based modelling of forest carbon sequestration. From 2010 to 2013 Georgios did his post-doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh working on modelling soil-plant-atmosphere interaction in Arctic tundra. In 2013 Georgios re-joined Forest Research initially for one year and a half working as Tree Ecophysiologist for the EU project ThermoLiDAR, supporting ecophysiological data collection and process-based modelling. Since February 2015 Georgios is working as a Climate Change Research Scientists for the Managing Forest Carbon and GHG balance programme managing the Harwood Forest GHG monitoring site.


  • Professional member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters
  • Associate member of the British Ecological Society
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Georgios Xenakis

BSc, MSc, PhD, MICFor
Climate Change Research Scientist
Climate change


Northern Research Station

Bush Estate



Related Research


Harwood Forest GHG monitoring site

Measuring forest carbon balance and effect of harvesting

Status current

A project within the EFI Network Fund, developing a FOSS GIS modelling platform for stand growth and risk of wind damage.

Other Research

Overall responsibility for site management and maintenance of an eddy covariance flux tower at Harwood forest, Northumberland. Data QA and analysis

Oversight of maintaining and servicing equipment

Support process-based modelling activities within the Climate Change science program

Support ecophysiological research on drought impacts

Peer reviewed journal articles

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Trade articles

Xenakis, G., 2019. Drought impacts research: Monitoring stations deep in the forest gives Forest Research scientist Dr Georgios Xenakis and insight into the impact of the 2018 drought on the carbon capture an upland conifer stand. Chartered Forester, Institute of Chartered Foresters, Edinburgh.


Xenakis, G. FREddyPro: Post-Processing EddyPro Full Output File. Edinburgh, UK. R package version 1.0.1.

Smith, J.U., Graves, P., Nayak, D.R., Smith, P., Perks, M., Gardiner, B., Miller, D., Nolan, A., Morrice, J., Xenakis G. 2011. Carbon implications of windfarms located on peatlands – update of the Scottish government carbon calculator tool. CR/2010/05. August 2011. Final Report.

Scientific conferences and workshops (last 5 years)

Wilkinson, M., Xenakis, G., Bell, M., Baer, T., 2021. Measuring and monitoring trees and forests using a novel IoT approach. EGU 2021 General Assembly, Online.

Xenakis, G., Ash, A., Siebicke, L., Perks, M., Morison, J. I. L. 2020. Impact of the 2018 drought on carbon, water and energy exchange of a mature Sitka spruce and a restock site on organo-mineral soil. ICOS Science Conference 2020 – “Knowledge for shaping the future – understanding our earths’ bioeochemical processes”. Oral presentation. Online.

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