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Ellie Scopes

BA (Hons), MRes

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Ellie’s research focuses on modelling species distributions and population ecology to assess targets and opportunities for conservation action. She uses a variety of techniques, including Bayesian population modelling, to assess population parameters, and the habitat and climate factors which are driving changes. This can then inform evidence-based management decisions.

Ellie joined Forest Research in 2023, focusing on modelling pine marten populations, and their dispersal from translocation areas. She works part time whilst finishing her PhD at the University of Exeter on hazel dormouse conservation (NERC GW4+ DTP funded, CASE partnered with Forest Research and Natural England).


  • University of Exeter

Ellie Scopes

BA (Hons), MRes
Spatial Scientist - Population Modeller
Land use and ecosystem services (LUES)

University of Exeter

Environment and Sustainability Institute


TR10 9FE

Peer reviewed journal articles

Scopes, E. R., Goodwin, C. E. D., Al-Fulaij, N., White, I., Langton, S., Walsh, K., Broome, A., & McDonald, R. A. (2023). Shifting baselines for species in chronic decline and assessment of conservation status. Are hazel dormice Muscardinus avellanarius Endangered? Ecological Solutions and Evidence, 4, e12206.