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Delivery Manager

Chris took on the role of Delivery Manager for the Forest Mensuration, Modelling and Forecasting Science Group in 2015 with the aim of managing the delivery of the Science Group’s core and external outputs and services on time and to budget. The role builds on Chris’ project management skills and provides a better point of contact for clients.

Programme 6 Manager

Chris’ role as Programme 6 Manager is similar but is focused only on the outputs specified for the programme under the Forestry Commission’s Science and Innovation Strategy. Key to the role is building a successful programme that delivers relevant outputs of high priority to the Forestry Commission and its stakeholders, whilst managing expectations where this is necessary. The building of strong relationships amongst key staff across FR Science Groups is essential to ensure that the outputs of Programme 6 are relevant to their needs. The role also includes work with Science Group Leaders to increase the role of collaborative working on research outputs within Programme 6.

Head of Software Unit

The role of Head of the Software Development Unit is to manage and carry out the development of software in support of Forestry Commission and Forest Research policy and business objectives. This includes managing a small team and providing QA systems to international software standards. Although head of the unit, Chris also has his own software project deliverables.

Chris completed a BSc in software engineering in 2000 and after working in the private sector joined Forest Research in 2002 as head of the Software Development Unit. Since than he has been involved in many software projects, including the full development life cycle to project management.


FR Data Portal: Expert member of the working group discussing the possibility of creating a data portal available on the internet which would allow users to search and download FR datasets

Software Engineer
Mensuration, growth and yield

Forest Research

Alice Holt Lodge


Surrey GU10 4LH


Other Research

Management of Programme 6

Forecast System

Forecast System analyst and architect: Software engineer responsible for further added functionality, change requests and support. The role has a heavy focus on the expectations of the customer with regular checkpoint meetings.

Improve software/storage of sample plot data: Systems analyst responsible for the renewal of the software responsible for the sample plot programme. This includes data collection, validation, storage in a new GIS database and user friendly access to retrieve the data. The role includes the full software lifecycle.

Peer reviewed journal articles

FC and FR publications

Contributions to numerous FC Forecast System Technical Documents

Software and associated manuals

Principal contribution to the development of the FC Forecast System