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Bill Jones

OND Forestry, BASIS Forestry

Home staff Bill Jones

Bill studied at the Scottish School of Forestry, Inverness between 1986–1989. He joined the Forestry Commission as an FOIV, in 1989. He was posted to Castle Douglas Forest District with responsibility for forest management beat areas of Clatteringshaws and the Bennan. He transferred to Ayrshire Forest Distrct in 1991 as a new planting forester with an annual programme of 500+ hectares and 250 hectares of restock. After the amalgamation of Ayrshire and Castle Douglas, he transferred to Technical Development in 1997.

  • Pesticides -application and methods
  • Reduction in pesticide use
  • Planting machines
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Bill Jones

OND Forestry, BASIS Forestry
Technical Development Forester
Technical development

Forest Research Technical Development

Forestry Commission

Ae Village


Scotland DG1 1QB


Related Publications


Harvesting Machine Census 2016 (FR_TDJR173)

Harvesting Machine Census 2016 (FR_TDJR173)



Tree Planting Information Note

OutDoor Workshop 10.02 * These publications are produced by Technical Development. Some (mainly older) publications are not available online. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact or or phone 0300 067 5919.


Other Research

Peer reviewed journal articles

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Jones, W.J. (2003). Use and effectiveness of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPS) for tree work. Health and Safety Executive Research report 123. HSE Books, Sudbury

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Jones, W.J., Saunders, C.J. (2002). Harvesting machine census 1999 & 2001 (PDF-2025K). Technical Note 1, Forestry Commission, Edinburgh.