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Diagnostic and identification services

We will examine all specimens within three working days of their receipt.

If the investigation is likely to take more than two weeks, or require additional work such as culturing or a site visit, we will inform the customer as soon as possible but not later than three weeks after the receipt of the enquiry.

When we have completed the investigation we will communicate the results to the customer.

Advisory services

We will deal with all enquiries in a positive and courteous manner. It will be possible to answer many with the provision of a prepared handout or Research Note.

We will inform customers immediately if their request is likely to involve a charge and give an estimate of the cost.

If the problem falls out with our area of interest we can often direct enquiries to our specialists in Forest Research or in other establishments.

Diagnosticians will view your report and, if necessary, will investigate your case further. Not all reports will be followed up directly.

Please note: our aim is to make a conclusive diagnosis or identification for all clients but it may not be possible to do this in all cases despite our best efforts.