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Our soil surveyors/foresters and scientists provide bespoke advice on practical soil management for the sustainable, healthy growth of diverse tree species and woodlands.

Service overview

Forest Research soils experts have worked on projects to help forest managers, owners, regulators and policy-makers to develop practical, evidence-based methods for sustainable soil management throughout the UK.

Soils are a fundamental contributor to the sustainable growth of trees and forests. If this natural asset is misunderstood or unwisely managed, then diverse, productive, sustainable and profitable woodlands will decline.

We can draw on our experience and research insights to help you maintain your soil for healthy, productive forests and woodland. Our advice is always tailored to the specific context of your site and tree species, as well as the potential effects of climate change, pests and diseases.

Where necessary we can survey and map forest soils to provide information on optimum species choice, silvicultural systems and site classification. Soil and plant analyses can reveal nutrient deficiencies which will help in improving soil quality.

Features and benefits

  • Cost effective: we help you manage your soil so you can sustainably improve the growth, yield and/or quality of your trees, woodland and products
  • Life cycle perspective: sustainable management requires a long-term, holistic view so our advice considers all elements of forest operations, from planting to harvesting and multiple rotations
  • Tailored delivery: we can provide you with reports, presentations or staff training programmes – whatever works best for you
  • Trusted: as a government organisation we meet the strict quality criteria for science and research set out in the Joint Code of Practice for Research
  • Personal touch: direct access to our expert staff means you can discuss your requirements, obtain advice and receive an appropriate, value for money service

Costs and charges

We customise our service to meet your specific needs. You may just need some quick advice, or want support for a long term monitoring or soil improvement programme.

Please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation, when we can discuss your specific requirements.