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Our plant quality testing service for nursery managers and foresters involves a series of physiological tests to characterise a plant’s condition. We give samples a ‘quality’ rating which indicates an expected survival percentage after planting.

Service overview

Our plant quality testing and advice provides our customers with essential information on the physiological and morphological quality of their stock before planting. We can help you to select good quality plants that are most likely to thrive and grow.

Our scientists have over 20 years of experience testing samples of plants and providing reports for forest managers, private woodland owners, land agents, local authorities, regulators and government agencies. We have also participated in numerous and wide-ranging research projects, allowing us to offer essential advise on planting, soil management and all aspects of sustainable silviculture.

Standard tests

  • Morphology (height, RCD, usability, root:shoot ratio)
  • Root and shoot electrolyte leakage (REL/SEL)
  • Root moisture content (RMC)
  • Root growth potential (RGP)
  • Shoot/root frost tolerance

Our reports and advice compares these test results against our benchmark species-specific baseline data for conifer and broadleaved trees, acquired over two decades of applied research.

We can also provide chemical analysis of plant, leaf, foliage, soil and water. These additional tests allow us to advise you on possible causes of poor plant quality (e.g. nutrient deficiency), suggest customised fertiliser prescriptions and soil improvement programmes. We can work with you to boost nursery productivity and establish successful, sustainable forest management.

Costs and charges

Please consult our base prices or contact us to discuss your specific requirements and obtain a fully itemised costing.