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A seminar series to explore how using woodlands and natural spaces is good for mental, emotional, social and physical health


In 2002 Forest Research organised a seminar series for forestry, environmental and health professionals to explore the latest knowledge on the role of trees, woodlands and natural spaces in health and well-being.

Key findings

Main benefits

  • Mental and emotional: reducing stress, stimulating the senses, contact with nature
  • Social: getting out with family and friends, meeting new people, space for community action and participation
  • Physical: build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints, reduce blood pressure and prevent obesity

The workshops developed a set of recommendations in the areas of policy, operations, research and marketing/promotion – see publications.



Funding and partners

Commissioned and funded by the Forestry Commission.


Completed 2002.


Liz O’Brien

What’s of interest


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Liz O'Brien

Principal Social Scientist