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Creating Diverse Forests

Kilmunsmall.jpgSilviFuture is a network established to promote and share knowledge about novel forest species across Britain.

It aims to support forests that are resilient and capable of meeting our future needs.

  • You can search the database to find sites of novel tree species growing in the UK, including site information, growing conditions, photographs, and owner’s experiences.
  • The website also contains information about tree species known to have potential to grow well in the UK, including details on silviculture, opportunities for use, pathogens, and known issues.
  • You can register to share information about stands of novel species you know about or manage, as an owner or forestry professional. You can add species information, make comments or suggest additional species.

In this video, Gabriel Hemery introduces SilviFuture from the Kilmun arboretum in Argyll.

SilviFuture from Forest Research on Vimeo.


Forest Research, Forestry Commission, Sylva Foundation, Royal Forestry Society, ClimateXChange, the Silvanus Trust, and Natural Resources Wales. We are grateful to support from ClimateXChange for this introductory video.