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Individual Tree Data Standard Workshops

This page summarises two workshops and a number of one-to-one consultations that formed part of the development of the Individual Tree Data Standard. Workshops were held in May and July 2019 at the Open University in Milton Keynes.

The workshops were attended by representatives from:

Research objectives

  • Sector-wide stakeholder engagement
  • Development of use cases
  • Describing user profiles
  • Inform the draft standard

The aims of the first workshop were:

  • To bring together a group of individuals representing stakeholder organisations from across the UK urban tree sector
  • To consider the roles and contributions of the range of stakeholders that contribute to the collection of data on urban trees
  • To establish a set of agreed principles and practices that will form the definitive UK standard for the collection of urban tree data

The aims of the second workshop were:

  • To identify and characterise the different potential user groups for an urban tree data standard
  • To establish a set or sets of data fields that form the basis of an urban tree data standard
  • To discuss how technology might be used to support a data standard

Findings and Recommendations

The first workshop identified the motivations and opportunities associated with establishing a standard, but also raised some barriers and constraints.

The second workshop identified different groups of data collectors and therefore users of a new tree data collection standard, including arboricultural consultancies, development organisations, members of the public/volunteers, policy makers (central and local government), managers of tree populations, academics, third sector organisations, botanic gardens and collections.


Phillip Handley