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How can the forestry sector get the public more involved in planning and design?



Public involvement in environmental decision-making is one of the central themes of sustainable development, so forest managers are increasingly expected to involve the public in forestry decisions. Having explored how public involvement could be embedded in forestry governance, Forest Research assessed the potential of participatory tools and techniques, with practical guidance on how to plan for public involvement in planning and decision-making.

Key outputs

  • Decision framework for public decision-making – helping managers to identify who to involve, when they should be approached, how to engage and what resources will be required
  • Toolkit – practical resources, including an assessment system, flow charts and descriptions of 50 different public involvement methods (e.g. focus groups, citizens’ juries, internet surveys, newsletters, public meetings, etc.)


Funders and partners

Commissioned and funded by the Forestry Commission


Ended in 2004.


Liz O’Brien

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Liz O'Brien

Principal Social Scientist