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Key research questions

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The specific research questions that will be considered by partners include:

  • What are the potential risks and impacts of the two pests both in their countries of origin and where they have established in new locations?
  • What are the pathways for movement of the pests and how can we better protect against the risk of introduction?
  • How can we improve early detection both on the pathways and at their end points?
  • What are the biological characteristics and pest population sizes that are likely to lead to successful breeding and establishment in a new location?
  • What are the rates of natural spread and can we improve prediction of spread, both natural and by assistance?
  • How can we develop or improve cost-effective management and control approaches and tools (including biological control) and assess their social acceptability?
  • How can we best communicate and implement policy and engage with stakeholders (including policy makers, woodland owners and managers, academia and the public, importers and the wider nursery industry)?