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Climate change affects the health and resilience of our urban forests through changes in precipitation, maximum and minimum temperatures, and the spread of pests and diseases.

Urban forests with many different species of trees are more resilient to climate change, but there is very little information on what species are suitable for planting in UK towns and cities.

This research follows the growth of underused but promising species planted in several London boroughs including Camden, Hackney and Elephant and Castle.

The species in this study include a range of broadleaf and conifer trees, small and large stature trees and trees originating from different climatic zones. These species are not commonly planted in London but are now being considered due to a changing climate.

Research objectives

Collected data is aimed at supporting tree officers in their future planting choices and ultimately achieve a more diverse and resilient urban forest.

Profile image of staff member Maddie Vaz Monteiro
Madalena Vaz Monteiro

Urban Forest Scientist