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Forest Research are working with Derby City Council to undertake an i-Tree Eco survey in the city of Derby in summer 2021.

Derby has 17 electoral wards. To enable comparison of the structure of the urban forest in each ward 350 sample plots have been laid out across the city.

i-Tree Eco will use the survey data to assess the composition and structure of Derby’s urban forest, including species diverty, risks from pests and diseases, and the range of tree ages in the city. In addition i-Tree Eco will enable us to calculate the ecosystem services provided by Derby’s trees.

In addition we will undertake an CAVAT analysis of Derby’s trees, to calculate the value of the amenity the trees provide to people in the city.

Research objectives

This project aims to:

  • Assess the structure and composition of Derby city’s trees
  • Calculate the amount and value of benefits provided by trees in each of the wards in Derby
  • Investigate the resilience and sustainability of Derby’s urban forest

Latest updates

Surveying of over 300 plots was completed in September 2021. Data processing and analysis is underway, and reports will be published in spring 2022.


Hannah Walker

Phillip Handley

Kieron Doick