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i-Tree Eco Belfast

In winter 2020 a partnership was established between Belfast City Council, Queen's University Belfast, Treeconomics, and Forest Research, to value the benefits provided by Belfast's trees using i-Tree Eco

Belfast city region consists of urban and rural areas, and this project will assess the benefits provided by trees in both of these areas. The ecosystem services that will be valued are carbon capture, air pollution removal, and avoided surface runoff.

The amenity value of the trees will be calculated using CAVAT (Capital Asset Valuation of Amenity Trees).

This work is part Belfast's One Million Trees initiative and is funded by Belfast City Council.

Research objectives

This project aims to:

  • Assess the structure and composition of Belfast city's trees
  • Calculate the amount and value of benefits provided by trees in Belfast
  • Investigate the resilience and sustainability of Belfast's urban forest
  • Collect and analyse data that helps to inform Belfast's tree strategy and the planting of one million trees by 2035

Latest updates

Surveying will be conducted in summer 2021. Data processing and analysis will take place in autumn 2021, and reports will be published in winter 2021.



Hannah Walker

Kieron Doick

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