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How can people benefit more from urban parks and greenspace?


Photo: Patricia & Angus MacDonald/Aerographica



Parks, gardens and greenspace in and around towns and cities provide opportunities for recreation, health and well-being; they also improve the landscape, support biodiversity and improve water and air quality. Through applied research, the Forest Research team found ways to evaluate this multifunctional greenspace and support green network planning and management.

Key findings/outputs

  • Comprehensive review of existing approaches to green network planning and management
  • Variability in how local authorities assess the quality and public perception of greenspace
  • Large differences in the availability and use of social data between local authorities
  • Significantly different approaches to encourage the use of greenspace
  • Development of a green network model to inform development strategies that promote walking/cycling through green networks and encourage more leisure use


Funding and partners

The research was funded by:


Ended 2012.


For general information about this project contact:

Darren Moseley

For information about the social benefits of green networks contact:

Mariella Marzano

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