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Compression Wood – Swedish activities and plans

Swedish Web site (SLU & Chalmers)

The English version of the Swedish Web site was launched in the beginning of November 2001. The address is The Swedish web site will also be posted on a server at Chalmers during spring 2002.

Mailing list (SLU)

On the Swedish Web site people and organisations are able to join the Swedish mailing list. Information about the mailing list is presented in the first article in the trade journal NTT-Såg.

Article in Swedish trade journal NTT-Såg (SLU & Chalmers)

The article provides information about the project and the Swedish Web site. The article was sent to the trade journal, NTT-Såg, the 3rd of December 2001. The focus group for NTT-Såg is the Swedish wood working industry. The article will be published in January 2002. The article is also planned to be sent to another trade journal with the forest industry as main focus group.

Swedish Web site in Swedish (SLU & Chalmers)

In spring 2002 the Swedish version of the Web site will be working on both SLU and Chalmers.

The enquiry (SLU & Chalmers)

In spring 2002 an enquiry will be sent out to the Swedish timber processing industry by E-mail. The aim of the enquiry is to judge the economic aspects of the occurrence of Compression Wood in timber. Information about this enquiry is presented in the first article in the trade journal NTT-Såg.

Newsletters (SLU & Chalmers)

Newsletters will be sent to companies on the mailing list regularly (Twice/year). The aim is to inform about the progress within the project.

Meetings (SLU & Chalmers)

Our goal is to organise at least two meetings where we inform about the progress within the project. The meetings will be held in different parts of Sweden (Northern meeting/Southern meeting). If opportunity arises the project will also be presented as part of seminars on related subjects.

Work package number: 1.2 End User Focus group – December 2001

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