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Compression Wood – Freiburg University activities and plans

Home research Compression wood in conifers (Compression Wood) Compression wood – Programme summary Compression Wood – Freiburg University activities and plans

Description of work already completed

The Institute for Forest Utilisation used several media to disseminateinformation on the Compression Wood project to the forestry industry, the timberindustry and the wider public.

  • On the Institute’s web site a link has be established to the project’s main web page showing the main information on the project’s co-operation and management.
  • A two page leaflet summarising the details of the Compression Wood project was disseminated to the representatives of the German Saw millers Association at their yearly conference in October 2001.
  • A short information note describing the aims and the focus of the Compression Wood project was published in the current notes of the “Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Holzforschung”in December 2001. The GFH is a body of members from university and the regional forestry and saw milling industry in Baden-Württemberg which acts as a focus-group to the forestry related research undertaken at Freiburg University, Forestry Department.
  • An information note summarising the aims and the objectives of the Compression Wood project have been send to the broadly disseminated German forestry and timber industry journals “Forst und Holz” and “Holzzentralblatt”. The note was already been published in “Holzzentralblatt“.

Description of work planned for next six-month period

  • A web page with information on the relevance of compression wood, the project’s aims and IFU’s contribution to the project will be established.
  • Opportunities to present the project to the public will be taken as they arise.

Activities and plans of Participant No 3a: Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Institute for Forest Utilisation
Workpackage number: 1.2 End User Focus Group – December 2001