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This publication provides the presentation papers, workshop discussions, questions and answers and plenary discussion from a two-day conference held at Cardiff University in June 2001. The main aim of the conference was to outline the future direction for social forestry research and develop a broader perspective on issues connected with people and the environment. The conference provided the opportunity for a broad cross-section of government bodies, non-governmental organisations, academics, practitioners and researchers to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas in this important subject area.

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"Strengthening heart and mind”: Using woodlands to improve mental and physical Well-being

In the United Kingdom, a number of efforts to improve people’s health and well-being focus on the value of trees and woodlands By Liz O’Brien. Article from Unasylva – Forests and human health. Issue 224 (Volume 57, 2006/2), a publication of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.