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The Woodland Workout – Teachers’ Guide

Lead Author: Forestry Commission (Scotland)

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The original Woodland Workout was a Forest Education Initiative project supported by Forestry Commission Scotland.
The resource was developed by four teachers.
The aim of the project was to produce a resource that could easily be used by teachers and enable them to offer a wide range of outdoor activities and exercises to their pupils. The activities have been adapted from a wide range of sources, which may be found in the bibliography.
This in an updated version of the Woodland Workout.
For 2014 there are also special Commonwealth Games Activity sheets available.
Three related activity sheets are also available:
<a href=”/website/pdf.nsf/pdf/FCMS112_commonwealth.pdf/$FILE/FCMS112_commonwealth.pdf”>Commonwealth Games Activity sheets (PDF, 1.4MB)</a>
<a href=”/website/pdf.nsf/pdf/FCMS112_learning.pdf/$FILE/FCMS112_learning.pdf”>Learning Activity sheets (PDF, 2.0MB)</a>
<a href=”/website/pdf.nsf/pdf/FCMS112_physical.pdf/$FILE/FCMS112_physical.pdf”>Physical Activity sheets (PDF, 1.0MB)</a>
More information is available from <a rel=”external” href=”” target=”_blank”></a>


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