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Conifer forests and woodlands thrive in most of Europe and into Asia, particularly in more northerly latitudes, but can be attacked by several species of bark beetle in the Coleoptera sub-family Scolytinae. The island status of the UK has helped to protect our mainly exotic conifer woodlands from invasion by non-native bark beetles but, over time, several species have established here, notably great spruce bark beetle (Dendroctonus micans) and several species in the genus Ips (Ips sexdentatus on pine, Ips cembrae on larch and, from 2018, Ips typographus on spruce). Among these, I. typographus is the most destructive and has periodically killed millions of spruce trees across Europe and Asia. This Report describes the biological and environmental factors that influence attack frequency and severity from Ips bark beetles and assesses strategies for their management, with emphasis on the major threat posed by I. typographus.

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