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Report assessing the long term role of forestry in relation to the acidification and recovery of soil and surface water. It targets some of the most acid impacted head waters in the Galloway region of southwest Scotland, including three sub-catchments in the Black Water of Dee (Dargall Lane, Green Burn and Cuttie Shallow); Cardoon Burn in the Big Water of Fleet and Waterside on the River Bladnoch.

By Rachel Helliwell, James Sample and Leah Jackson-Blake (The James Hutton Institute), Julian Aherne and George MacDougall (Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University), Tom Nisbet and Samantha Broadmeadow (Forest Research), Ross Doughty (SEPA SW Region) and, Iain Malcolm (Marine Scotland, Freshwater Laboratory).

September 2011.

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Forestry Commission Scotland