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[Archive] Urban trees – A survey of street trees in Britain

Lead Author: S.J. Hodge

Home publication [Archive] Urban trees – A survey of street trees in Britain

Little information is available on the growth rates of urban trees. Trees that survive the establishment phase often put on so little growth that they appear moribund. Conversely, problems occur when a fast growing or large species is successfully established and ‘outgrows’ its living space. There is a need to build up a database of information on the structure and health of the urban tree population in order to determine recommendations that will improve the planning and design of urban tree planting and the performance of trees once planted. Funding from the Department of the Environment enabled a survey to be undertaken in 1989 by Forestry Commission Research Division staff. This survey encompassed 3600 trees, made up of 120 trees in each of 30 randomly selected towns and cities throughout England.


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