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[Archive] The use of herbicides in the forest (2nd edition)

P.B. Lane, P.M. Tabbush

Lead Author: J.S.P. Sale

Home Publications [Archive] The use of herbicides in the forest (2nd edition)

This is the first revision of the original 1983 edition of this Booklet and incorporates recent developments in herbicides, equipment and methods of application. The diagnosis of weed problems is not covered in detail. The assumption is made that the reader will have an adequate general knowledge of forest management and an appreciation of other non-herbicidal methods of weed control against which to weigh the treatments recommended here. Herbicide entries are set out in a standard format: descriptions of approved products, properties, toxicity and crop tolerance lead on to recommendations for application rates, methods and timing, followed by notes on limitations of use, safety precautions and protective clothing.
Note: This is an archive publication. Always consult the most recent guidance for up-to-date information.


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Archive publication: Booklet
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Forestry Commission