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[Archive] The potential for the natural regeneration of conifers in Britain

Rick Worrell

Lead Author: Chris Nixon

Home publication [Archive] The potential for the natural regeneration of conifers in Britain

As Britain’s new conifer forests have matured there has been increasing interest in the use of natural regeneration for restocking after felling. While achieving successful natural regeneration can reduce costs and provide environmental benefits the uncertainties associated with its use can make it difficult for forest managers to decide when and where to rely on natural regeneration in preference to planting. This Bulletin aims to reduce these uncertainties by providing fundamental information on the reproductive cycles of our major conifer species and by outlining factors which affect seed germination and seedling establishment. The management of existing regeneration is also considered. Guidance is given on the identification of forest sites suited to natural regeneration and on the planning and implementation of forest operations which will enhance the likelihood of success. The focus is on the use of natural regeneration to promote regular, even-aged stands. However, the principles can also be applied to irregular, uneven-aged stands.


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