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[Archive] Journal of the Forestry Commission (No.5)

Lead Author: Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission Journal was introduced as a way to communicate information on a wide range of topics which could not be communicated through ‘ordinary official channels’, and was intended to be a means of exchanging the opinions and experiences of all members of the staff.
This fifth Journal includes information on: Research work; The forests of Rumania; Working plans: the official code; Losses in lined-out plants in England and Wales, 1925; Direct sowings: a plea for perseverance; The conversion of coppice with standards to high horest in Normandy; A suggested method of planting on a poor seaside muirland; The influence of various types of moorland soils on the growth of young plantations; A method of dealing with unmarketable birch; The cut-worm— a nursery pest; Oliorhynchus picipes damage done at Margam, Glamorgan; Fire control; Timber jottings; Forestry school ex-trainees; Saving time on time-sheets; The work of an officer in charge of a district; Reviews and abstracts; Notes and queries.


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Archive publication: Journal
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Forestry Commission