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The Forestry Commission Journal was introduced as a way to communicate information on a wide range of topics which could not be communicated through ‘ordinary official channels’, and was intended to be a means of exchanging the opinions and experiences of all members of the staff.
This thirty-third Journal includes information on: Rumania visit 22nd Sept. to 30th Sept., 1964; Sweden. Diary of a week’s visit, 9th Aug. to 14th Aug.; In Norwegian forests; An assessment of the cultivation value of exotic conifers in Vestland and their place in the future forestry arrangements of the area; Two weeks in Alsace. A visit to the forests of the Vosges; A report on a visit to the Queen Charlotte Islands, March, 1931; Notes on the Sitka spruce and other conifers in the Queen Charlotte Islands; Sitka spruce, Alaska’s new state tree; Royal Scottish Forestry Society. 67th annual excursion to North Scotland, 18th May to 22nd May, 1964; The Royal Forestry Society of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Summer meeting at Exmouth, 4th May to 8th May, 1964; Practical hints on excursions; The evolution of forest management in Hertfordshire; The forestry exhibition; The Scottish Game Fair, 1964; A visit to the Scottish Game Fair, 1964; Why some trees grow faster in Aberystwyth; Tree breeding for timber quality; Undercutting as a nursery technique; Rhododendron clearance at Dark Wood, Garelochhead Forest, West Scotland; The distribution of wind-borne salt of marine origin in some western areas of Wales; Predators and forestry; The shooting match; Observations on the winter roosting of starlings at Slebech Forest, Pembrokeshire; Fishery development in our forests; Work study and management in the forest; Road and extraction planning; Some notes on setting out roads; A simple unloading ramp for pitwood lorries; A plough with a promise; The Norwegian planting spade; A serviceable fire beater stand; Forests attract tourists; A note on wooden ladders; Prevention of accidents in timber production, timber haulage and other forestry work in Austria; Prevention of accidents with machinery in Austria; Basic course on fire protection, Northerwood House; The Administrative Staff College, Henley-on-Thames; The Dean Forester Training School, 1904— 1964; Kielder County Primary School; Annual Report, Bentwood Forest; Our ambassador; Our man in Ruskich; Poem: Forest fire; But whit’s a muir?; Strings O’ hemp; A review of “Expedition Guide” (Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme); Poem: Forest symphony; Solution to last year’s forestry crossword; Two forestry crosswords.


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