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[Archive] Growth and yield of conifers in Great Britain

Lead Author: Forestry Commission

Home Publications [Archive] Growth and yield of conifers in Great Britain

This publication is a revision of Bulletin 3, ‘Rate of Growth of Conifers in the British Isles’. In this revised work the original tables for European larch, Scots pine and Norway spruce have been retained unaltered, while complete yield tables for Douglas fir and Corsican pine have been added. Further, a revised preliminary yield table for Japanese larch and a new preliminary table for Sitka spruce are given.
The methods employed during the 1917 survey were laid down in Bulletin 1 (published in November, 1919), however, for the sake of convenience, much of the information has been reproduced in Chapter II of this publication, which also includes a description of the methods employed in measuring the permanent sample plots. The section in Bulletin 3 dealing with the methods of constructing the yield tables has been revised, and diagrams included to illustrate some of the more important stages of the work. Chapters IV to VIII of Bulletin 3, which discussed the relation of some of the factors of locality to the growth of the principal species, have been abridged, but there is now included a complete list of the sample plots with relative summary data and locality descriptions.


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