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[Archive] Forest mensuration handbook

Lead Author: G.J. Hamilton

Home Publications [Archive] Forest mensuration handbook

Measurement of timber is required for several purposes. The most obvious of these, perhaps, is the need to quantify forest produce for sale. Measurement of timber is also required in management, notably for planning purposes and for control of resources. This publication is intended to provide the information necessary to meet the needs of measurement for most purposes and conditions in British forestry. The main components are, first, a key which enables the user to choose the measurement procedure most appropriate for the purpose intended. Secondly, detailed measurement procedures are given separately for felled and standing timber. Essential background information is given with each of the procedures which are individually numbered. The tables required to carry out some of these procedures are produced in Part VI. Miscellaneous aspects of measurement, together with conversion factors, abbreviations, etc are brought together in Part V.

An updated version of this handbook was produced in 2006 – Forest mensuration: a handbook for practitioners.


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