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[Archive] Field recognition of British elms

A.F. Mitchell

Lead Author: J. Jobling

Home Publications [Archive] Field recognition of British elms

The elms described in this booklet are the species, varieties and hybrids commonly found in the countryside and parks, and at the roadside in towns. They are:

English elm – Ulmus procera
Wych elm – U. glabra
Smooth-leaved elm – U. carpinifolia Gleditsch var. carpinifolia
Cornish elm – U. carpinifolia var. cornubiensis
Wheatley elm – U. carpinifolia var. sarniensis
Dutch elm – U. x hollandica Miller 'Hollandica'
Huntingdon elm – U. x hollandica Miller 'Vegeta'.

The primary features which can often be used to provide an absolute identification of a mature elm at any time of the year are the characteristic form of the crown and the colour and appearance of the bark. The shape of the leaf and the texture of the upper surface of the leaf are also important secondary features. This Booklet includes photographs, line drawings and descriptions to show these features and to help with the identification of elms in the field.


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