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[Archive] De-icing salt damage to trees and shrubs

Lead Author: M.C. Dobson

Home publication [Archive] De-icing salt damage to trees and shrubs

The damage caused by de-icing salt is a serious, but often underestimated, problem which affects substantial numbers of roadside trees and shrubs both in Britain and abroad. This Bulletin has resulted from an extensive review of the world literature on the subject; the findings fall into four distinct categories which comprise its four chapters. Chapter 1 describes the early investigations that led to the recognition of salt as a cause of street tree death, and outlines the current situation in Britain. In Chapter 2 the methods used for evaluating salt tolerance are described and the mechanisms of salt tolerance are outlined. The mechanisms of salt toxicity are described in Chapter 3, and the relative importance of osmotic and specific ion effects in the development of injury symptoms are discussed. The methods that are being used, or could be used, to reduce de-icing salt damage to trees are evaluated in Chapter 4. This Bulletin is available to buy in hardcopy.


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