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[Archive] Agroforestry in the UK

Jenny Claridge (Ed.)

Lead Author: Max Hislop (Ed.)

Home Publications [Archive] Agroforestry in the UK

The main aim of this Bulletin is to provide practical advice about the establishment and management of a range of agroforestry practices derived from a decade of research in the United Kingdom (UK). In addition, the Bulletin describes the interactions of trees with crops and livestock, the environmental, social and economic impacts of these interactions and how best to manage them to meet the objectives of farmers and/or policy-makers. To meet these aims the research findings and recommendations have been brought together in 11 chapters which are grouped into four sections: Background, Best practice and current research, Environmental and landscape impacts, and Economic and social impacts. There are few commercial examples of agroforestry systems in the UK. This Bulletin therefore sets out to raise awareness about the potential of agroforestry as a land-use option in the UK. It is directed at agricultural and woodland advisers, as well as farmers and other landowners.


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