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Urban trees provide benefits to people such as absorption of air pollution and carbon sequestration. However, they are subject to pressures related to the harsh growing environment, climate change, attacks by pests and diseases, and political and social influences on their management.

This study examines data from i-Tree Eco studies of 12 urban forests in Great Britain and recommends a framework to rate their sustainability. 

The urban forests studied are hardy to local winter temperatures and in good health, but are lacking in large trees and in tree species diversity.

Wider application of the framework could help local authorities to increase the sustainability of their urban forests. 

An insight to the current state and sustainability of urban forests across Great Britain based on i-Tree Eco surveys
Vaz Monteiro, M., Handley, P., and Doick, K. J. (2019). Forestry, 93(1), 107-123.
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Peer reviewed papers
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Forest Research
Urban Forest Scientist
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