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    [Archive] Conifer Lachnids in Britain

    Lead Author: C.I. Carter
    This Bulletin contains Field keys and morphological keys with descriptions and illustrations for the identifications of the 27 aphids of the family Lachnidae known to occur on conifers in Britain. The strong influence of their host plant upon these insects and the impact some of them have on the growth of forest trees and amenity […]
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    [Archive] Forestry Practice (9th edition)

    Lead Author: O. N. Blatchford
    A summary of methods of establishing, maintaining and harvesting forest crops with advice on planning and other management considerations for owners, agents and foresters.
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    [Archive] The safety of the herbicides 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T

    Lead Author: D.J. Turner
    This Bulletin contains information on the properties, manufacture and uses of 2, 4-D and 2, 4. 5-T as well as the possible side effects of these herbicides which are reviewed in detail.Note: This is an archive publication. Always consult the most recent guidance for up-to-date information.
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    [Archive] Evaluation of the contribution of forestry to economic development

    Lead Author: A.J. Grayson (Ed)
    At the Fifteenth Congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (I.U.F.R.O.) held at Gainesville, Florida in March 1970, a Working Party was set up to consider methods of evaluating the contribution of Forestry to economic development. This Bulletin contains the papers presented at the meeting of this Working Party together with a report […]
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    [Archive] Aspects of thinning

    Lead Author: G.J. Hamilton (Ed)
    This Bulletin contains the papers presented at a meeting of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO) Project Group P4.02 'Economics and Harvesting of Thinnings', held in Edinburgh from 30 September until 2 October 1974.Papers were invited on various aspects of thinning. The first session (Papers 1-7) mainly concerned the yield aspects of thinning. […]
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    [Archive] Seed orchards

    Lead Author: Roy Faulkner (Ed)
    This Bulletin provides detailed information about all aspects of seed orchards, seed management and tree breeding. Spilt over 14 chapters, each written by separate specialists, the information presented is intended to provide a useful source of reference for practising orchardists and as a general textbook for university forestry courses which include tree breeding as a […]
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    [Archive] Production and use of tubed seedlings

    Lead Author: Alan J. Low
    The production and use of tubed conifer seedlings in Britain have been studied between 1968 and 1973 in an extensive research and development programme based initially on Canadian practice. Results from the many nursery and forest experiments are described and form the basis for practical recommendations (see Chapter 6) on raising and planting tubed seedlings.
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    [Archive] Fifty years of forestry research

    Lead Author: R.F. Wood
    This is an account of research work undertaken or supported by the Forestry Commission during the first fifty years of its life.
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    [Archive] The potential of western hemlock, western red cedar, grand fir and noble fir in Britain

    Lead Author: J.R. Aldhous
    This report is the result of the work of staff from many sections within the Forestry Commission and of the Princes Risborough Laboratory of the Building Research Establishment, Department of the Environment. In 1967 it was decided to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the status and potential of the four most important “minor species” in […]
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    [Archive] Forest products in the united kingdom economy

    Lead Author: B.G. Jackson
    The study represents the boldest attempt so far made in Britain to create a model of the two activities of wood-producing and primary processing of wood. On the basis of specified assumptions about future costs, interest rates, prices and demands for forest products, the author presents the results of linear programming solutions specifying rates of […]
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    [Archive] Weeding in the forest: a work study approach

    Lead Author: W.O. Wittering
    ln 1959, when the Forestry Commission’s annual expenditure on weeding in the forest exceeded £1 million for the first time, the Work Study Branch was instructed to study the problem in all its aspects. Work was initially concentrated on hand weeding and the tools associated with it. Later studies of chemical and mechanical methods have […]
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    [Archive] Influence of spacing on crop characteristics & yield

    Lead Author: G.J. Hamilton
    The analysis described in this paper was designed to provide quantitative information on the effects of spacing on yield and the components of yield. It is preceded by a brief review of the more important features of the history of these spacing experiments.
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    [Archive] Forest of Dean day visitor survey

    Lead Author: Robert J. Colenutt
    This report is a description and assessment of research into the use of the Forest of D ean by day visitors.The central theme of the study is the prediction of recreational use. Dr R.J. Colenutt and local Forestry Commission staff carried out a survey of day visitors to the Forest of Dean during the summer […]
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    [Archive] Work study in forestry

    Lead Author: W.O. Wittering (Ed)
    This Bulletin presents the papers produced for an international course on work study in forestry organised by the Forestry Commission for the joint FAO/ECE/ILO Committee on Forest Working Techniques and Training of Forest Workers held at Wymondham College, Norfolk, and Newton Rigg College of Agriculture and Forestry, Cumberland, in July 1971.
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    [Archive] Nursery practice

    Lead Author: J.R.Aldhous
    This Bulletin summarises results gained from the extensive programme of experiments and enquiries carried out by the Forestry Commission’s Research Division, from its inception in 1919 until the year 1970, together with the practical experience obtained in the large-scale raising of planting stocks for the national afforestation programme.
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    [Archive] Conifer wooly aphids (Adelgidae) in Britain

    Lead Author: C.I. Carter
    This investigation has been mainly confined to providing descriptions for the identification of the various winged morphs of the adelgid species occurring in Britain. Morphological keys and descriptions, together with 32 figures, are given for the determination of the 14 winged morphs of the 9 species having alatae. In addition, a key to the adult […]
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    [Archive] Windblow of Scottish forests in January 1968

    Lead Author: B.W. Holtham (Ed)
    A very severe westerly gale blew across central Scotland in the early hours of 15 January 1968. This report describes damage it did to forests and tells how representatives of the private woodland owners, the home timber trade and the Forestry Commission, appointed to an advisory committee called the Windblow Action Group, appraised and advised […]
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    [Archive] Operational research and the managerial economics of forestry

    Lead Author: P.A. Wardle (Ed)
    At the Fourteenth Congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations held in Munich in September, 1967 a Working Group was set up in the Economics Section, Section 31, to consider the contribution of operational research to studies in the field of the managerial economics of forestry. In September, 1970, members of this working […]