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    [Archive] A systems approach to forest operations planning and control

    Lead Author: M.A. Pritchard (Ed)
    Computer-based systems are now commonplace in most forestry operating environments. One of the inherent features of forestry everywhere is the amount of data collected over long periods of time. Information technology has made the storage and analysis of these data a cost effective reality. Never before has the forest manager been better placed to call […]
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    [Archive] Provisional code of practice for the use of pesticides in Great Britain

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    The Code of Practice in this Occasional Paper is made for the guidance of users of pesticides in forestry. It amplifies the requirements both of the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, 1988. The code is intended to cover the use of pesticides for the protection of […]
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    [Archive] Natural regeneration of broadleaves

    Lead Author: J. Evans
    Natural regeneration can broadly be defined as raising a forest crop without resorting to planting, direct sowing or coppicing. It is the random nature of exactly where young trees spring up on a site and sometimes of the species which grow that marks out natural regeneration, not freedom from man’s influence. Indeed, many naturally regenerated […]
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    [Archive] Silvicultural principles for upland restocking

    Lead Author: P.M. Tabbush
    Current upland restocking practice was reviewed in Forestry Commission Leaflet 84 Guide to upland restocking practice. Recent research, both in the UK and overseas, has led to a greater understanding of the establishment process, and the intention here is to draw this body of knowledge together as a basis for the design of improved systems […]
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    [Archive] Farm woodland planning

    Lead Author: H. Insley (Ed)
    This Bulletin is intended to provide farmers and farm advisers who are planning to enter farm woodland planting and management with the management information required to plan and budget the operation. It seeks to achieve this by providing the facts farmers need to gear up their businesses in terms of planning, financial and operational aspects […]
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    [Archive] Farming and forestry – proceedings of a conference held at Loughborough University 1986

    Lead Author: G.R. Hatfield (Ed.)
    The Farming and Forestry Conference at Loughborough University in September 1986 was held as a result of the dual realisation that something needed to be done, and soon, to cut back and bring under control the over-production of key agricultural products, and secondly that farm woodlands provided one of the few realistic alternatives. The conference […]
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    [Archive] Forestry section proceedings from the British Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting 1986

    Lead Author: G.C. Barnes (Ed.)
    The paper explores the contribution that science has made to forestry and woodland management and looks at the scientific prospects and limitations for the future. It explains the reasons why Britain has become so low in self-sufficiency of wood products and charts the steps successive Governments have taken to change this, starting with the creation […]
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    [Archive] Thinning control

    Lead Author: Tim Rollinson
    This Field Book provides a simple guide to the control of volume to be removed when marking a thinning. There are three sections. The first section describes the Yield Class system and the assessment of yield class in a stand. The second section covers thinning practice, that is, the type, intensity and cycle of thinning, […]
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    [Archive] Farm woodland practice

    Lead Author: B.G. Hibberd
    Today it is possible to create woodlands which not only provide income from timber but which also fit well in to the landscape, and offer an enriched habitat for wildlife and game. To grow trees successfully so that they thrive and are an asset to the farm requires a sound knowledge of the different tree […]
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    [Archive] The management of red deer in upland forests

    Lead Author: P.R. Ratcliffe
    This Bulletin is primarily concerned with the management of resident populations of red deer in commercial forests, and gives practical prescriptions for deer management based upon sound data collection and scientific method. All such prescriptions must be aimed at particular, well-defined deer populations occupying discrete ranges. There is an important emphasis throughout upon predictive management, […]
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    [Archive] Census of woodland and trees 1979-82

    Lead Author: G.M.L. Locke
    This Bulletin describes the survey methods adopted for the census of woodlands and trees carried out between 1979 and 1982, discusses the main results of the investigation, and compares them with those of past surveys. It supplements the area and volume results which have already been published for counties and Conservancies in England and Wales, […]
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    [Archive] Choice of seed origins for the main forest species in Britain

    Lead Author: R. Lines
    Choice of seed origin can be a very critical stage in forest management, in some cases resulting either in flourishing plantations or else in complete failure. This Bulletin is directed at both manager and researchers. The former are succinctly guided to appropriate seed origins for their site conditions and objectives, and equally importantly warned off […]