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    [Archive] The native woodland resource in the Scottish lowlands: a review of current statistics

    Lead Author: Neil A. Mackenzie
    This report provides a summary account of the present extent, distribution, composition and condition of the native woodlands in the Scottish Lowlands. There are approx 29,000 ha of which over half is of natural origin and commonly of birch and oak. In the planted areas, oak, ash and elm predominate. The percentage of native species […]
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    [Archive] Herbicides for farm woodlands and short rotation coppice

    Lead Author: Ian Willoughby
    Information is given on the use of herbicides in farm woodland and short rotation coppice. Recommendations are given for suitable herbicides for a range of crop and weed species. Approval status, approved products, crop tolerance, weed susceptibility and herbicide mixtures are discussed. A lengthy appendix lists notices of approval for proprietary products. This publication is […]
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    [Archive] Water storage of timber: experience in Britain

    Lead Author: Joan Webber (Ed)
    From time to time a calamity such as forest fire or violent storm requires that timber is salvaged quickly. Where such timber is plantation grown the investment loss that major destruction brings is catastrophic unless the most valuable timber can be saved and then marketed in an orderly way. This Bulletin reports on a successful […]
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    [Archive] Borates for stump protection: a literature review

    Lead Author: J.E. Pratt
    The use of borates for the control of Fomes root and butt rot of conifers is reviewed in relation to the history of their use in wood preservatives, their efficacy as stump treatment materials, and their effect on the environment. Effectiveness, phytotoxicity, vertebrate toxicity, and environmental impact are all considered. Borates are effective in controlling […]
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    [Archive] The use of treeshelters: 1992 survey

    Lead Author: Gary Kerr
    The correct use of treeshelters is important to ensure successful and rapid early establishment of young trees. Almost 200 sites were surveyed with the object of comparing actual usage of treeshelters with the recommendations (see FC Handbook 7). Effective weed control is essential with use of treeshelters. Height of treeshelters must take into account the […]
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    [Archive] Decline in sitka spruce on the South Wales coalfield

    Lead Author: M.P. Coutts
    This Technical Paper describes a collaborative effort to explain the reduced growth at time of canopy closure or later of Sitka spruce on parts of the South Wales coalfield. Stem analysis showed that growth had declined steeply over a period of about four years. Decline was associated with thin crowns and with bending of the […]
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    [Archive] Creating and managing woodlands around towns

    Lead Author: Simon J. Hodge
    This Handbook describes how to plan, create and manage urban woodlands. The primary role of urban forestry is to provide multi-purpose woodlands which improve the quality of daily life for the 46 million urban people of Britain and so the Handbook goes beyond the technical issues of establishing and managing trees to encompass community involvement, […]
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    [Archive] The use of herbicides in the forest (4th edition)

    Lead Author: Ian Willoughby
    A comprehensive account of chemical weed control techniques for use in forestry. Covers pesticide legislation, safety precautions and good working practices, herbicides for use against specific weed vegetation types, farm forestry weed control, protective clothing and personal equipment, application equipment and output guides, lists of herbicides and manufacturers, sources of advice, and an index of […]
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    [Archive] Analysis of the changes in forest condition in Britain 1989 to 1992

    Lead Author: Richard A. Mather
    A computer system was developed for mapping the Forestry Commission’s records of forest condition in Great Britain. This facility also conveniently allows forest condition records to be combined with meteorological and pollution data. The present Forestry Commission survey was evaluated to determine how well the design represented certain regional and local variations in environmental (including […]
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    [Archive] Managing forests for biodiversity

    Lead Author: Richard Ferris-Kaan
    Managing Forests for Biodiversity was the title of a one-day symposium, organised by the British Ecological Society’s Forest Ecology Group, and held at the Maybury Hotel, Edinburgh on 2 September 1992. This Technical Paper is a record of papers presented at the symposium plus additional information, preceded by a brief introductory review. The symposium was […]
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    Forest operations and badger setts

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    This guide concentrates upon safeguarding setts and badgers within setts. It is not intended to provide comprehensive advice on the wider aspects of managing forests for the benefit of badgers although it includes some measures which go beyond what is strictly necessary to avoid an offence under the 1992 Act, in order to minimise disturbance […]
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    [Archive] Reclaiming disturbed land for forestry

    Lead Author: Andy Moffat
    This Bulletin has been written to give up-to-date practical advice to people involved in the reclamation of disturbed land who wish to plant trees on the restored site. The Bulletin provides a comprehensive guide both to mineral companies, in preparing planning applications which involve proposals for forestry, and to mineral planning authorities, in considering such […]