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    [Archive] Rusts of British forest trees

    Lead Author: J.S. Murray
    The rust fungi or Uredinales are an important group of plant parasites, causing great losses to agricultural and forest crops each year. The life cycle of a typical rust is complex, as live types of spores are produced on two different and unrelated hosts, certain of the spore types being always borne on one host […]
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    [Archive] Chestnut blight

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    In Britain, the sweet chestnut, Castanea sativa, is at the northern limit of its distribution, and as a forest tree it is of importance in the southern half of England only. So far, in Britain, it has not been seriously affected by disease, however, it is a serious matter that Chestnut Blight, which has ravaged […]
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    [Archive] Woodland mosses

    Lead Author: H. Watson
    In present-day afforestation much attention is devoted to the wild plants as indicating soil and climatic conditions, but within recent times the ordinary mosses have been proved to be just as important. In the following notes an effort will be made, first to give a life history of a moss, secondly to indicate, as far […]