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  • Research

    Urban trees and greenspace in a changing climate

    Research to understand the contribution that urban trees make with respect to: the resilience of current and planned urban tree stocks to climate change, their role in regulating temperatures, and water management in urban areas
  • Research

    EU Forest Action Plan: urban and peri-urban forests

    The page summarises a workshop in 2011 between forestry experts and stakeholders, European Commission staff and representatives from Member States to discuss urban and peri-urban forestry (UPF) initiatives and recommend EU-wide action to drive the UPF agenda forward.
  • Publications

    2011- Street tree valuation systems

    Lead Author: Vadims Sarajevs
    Street trees and urban woodlands provide a number of environmental and social benefits, including contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation and providing urban green space. This Note presents the results of a review of three approaches to estimating the amenity value of street trees: CAVAT, Helliwell and i-Tree.
  • Research

    The social value and governance of street trees

    The page summarises Forest Research’s work to identify the social and cultural values of street trees and determine the formal and informal rules and regulations that influence their management.
  • Research

    Review: street tree valuation systems

    The page summarises the findings of Forest Research’s assessment of three systems for calculating the amenity value of street trees.
  • Research

    Review: urban forestry in urban health and health inequalities

    This page summarises findings from Forest Research’s review of empirical research on the role of trees, woods and forests in urban areas, especially regarding people’s health.
  • Research

    Evaluating the impact of trees, woodland and forests on quality of life

    The page summarises Forest Research’s work to assess the contribution that trees, woods and forests make to the quality of life of people living and working in the vicinity.
  • Publications

    Integrated remediation, reclamation and greenspace creation on brownfield land

    Lead Author: Tony Hutchings
    An overview of how greenspace can be established and used in a sustainable regeneration context on brownfield land. By T.R. Hutchings, D. Sinnett, K.J. Doick, K. Pediaditi and A.J. Moffat. CL:AIRE SUBR:IM Bulletin 11 Contact Kieron Doick
  • Publications

    Woodland establishment on landfill sites: Ten years of research

    Lead Author: Kirsten Foot
    Contract report to the Department for Communities and Local Government detailing research over a ten-year period to examine tree growth on modern containment landfill sites. In 1993-4, experimental tree species plots were set up on five clay capped landfill sites across England, following newly proposed standards for tree establishment. Initial data collection indicated that useful insights […]
  • Publications

    Field portable X-ray fluorescence (FPXRF): A rapid and low-cost alternative for measuring metals and metalloids in soils

    Lead Author: Caroline Kilbride
    By Caroline Kilbride, Jane Poole, Tony Hutchings, Olga Rodriguez-Walters, Danielle Sinnett, Andy Brunt and Andy Moffat. CL:AIRE Research Bulletin 7. What’s of interest If your organisation has an interest in working with us on collaborative research related to greening brownfield or contaminated sites then please email: Related pages Brownfield regeneration Urban Greening
  • Publications

    The use of compost in the regeneration of brownfield land

    Lead Author: Danielle Sinnett
    Integrated remediation and greening of urban greenspace using compost for the establishment of plant growth on remediated soils and the development of novel compost for the remediation of metal contaminated land. By R. van Herwijnen, G. Sellers, D. Sinnett, A.J. Moffat, T.R. Hutchings, A. Al-Tabbaa and S. Ouki. CL:AIRE SUBR:IM Bulletin 10 What’s of interest If your organisation has […]
  • Publications


    Lead Author: Kieron Doick
    A monitoring and evaluation strategy for urban greenspace. Contact Kieron Doick