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    [Archive] Research for practical arboriculture

    Lead Author: S.J. Hodge (Ed)
    This Bulletin records the proceedings of a seminar held at York University in April 1990, organised jointly by the Arboricultural Association and the Forestry Commission. The seminar was the third of its kind, held every 5 years, since 1980, updating the arboriculture industry on current arboriculture research in the United Kingdom. Twenty-six papers are presented […]
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    [Archive] Price-size curves for broadleaves

    Lead Author: A. Whiteman
    This paper sets out the techniques used to survey and analyse prices, discusses the relevant factors in the price formation process, and presents price-size curves for a variety of crops.
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    [Archive] Factors affecting the natural regeneration of oak in upland Britain

    Lead Author: R. Worrell
    This review collates information on the natural regeneration of oak (Quercus petraea and Quercus robur) in upland Britain and the factors which influence it.
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    [Archive] Forestry practice 1991

    Lead Author: B.G. Hibberd
    Forestry Practice has become the standard textbook for forestry students, forest and woodland growers, owners, managers and planners in Great Britain. This latest edition takes into account the considerable advances and changes in silviculture during the five years since the last edition. This includes a completely new chapter devoted to planning for second rotation plantations […]
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    [Archive] Sawmilling accuracy for bandsaws cutting British softwoods

    Lead Author: J.N. Smithies
    The dimensional accuracy with which timber is sawn is important both for its marketability and for its economic production. This Bulletin describes quality control techniques that can be used for sampling and measuring sawn timber taken from the production line in softwood sawmills. The dimensions obtained from the measuring process can be used to quantify […]
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    [Archive] Nursery stock root systems and tree establishment – a literature review

    Lead Author: Jenifer J. White
    This Occasional Paper is a literature review which was undertaken in 1984 to establish what is known about tree root systems, their size in relation to the shoot and the nutrient/moisture status needed for good root regeneration after planting. The specific objectives of the review were:1. to prepare a report summarising the available in formation […]
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    [Archive] Assessment of tree condition

    Lead Author: J.L. Innes
    Forest condition is now assessed annually in most European countries. This Field Book provides details of assessment procedures used by the Forestry Commission in their main monitoring programme. Although this programme is restricted to Sitka spruce, Norway spruce, Scots pine, oak and beech, the techniques that are described are applicable with little or no modification […]
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    [Archive] Champion trees in the British Isles (3rd edition)

    Lead Author: A.F. Mitchell
    This listing includes species down to a considerable degree of rarity and only the very rarest, which have too few known specimens to compete effectively as tallest and stoutest are excluded; but where one specimen is clearly of outstanding size it is included even where very few are known. The more important cultivars are included. […]
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    [Archive] Classification and presentation of softwood sawlogs

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    These recommendations are agreed by Forest Enterprise, the British Timber Merchants' Association, and the UK Softwood Sawmillers Association. The normal practice of the Forestry Commission will be to classify parcels of sawlogs offered for sale into four categories: green, red, short green, and log pole, for which descriptions are given. The FC aims to maximise […]
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    [Archive] The timbers of farm woodland trees

    Lead Author: J.D. Brazier
    Farmers are being encouraged to grow trees on surplus agricultural land as part of government policy effected through the Farm Woodland Scheme. The efficient production of timber is profitable, providing raw material for industry, yet it does not preclude other important objectives such as landscape design, amenity considerations, game management and wildlife conservation. The production […]
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    [Archive] Nitrogen deficiency in sitka spruce plantations

    Lead Author: C.M.A Taylor
    On moorland and heathland soils in Great Britain nitrogen deficiency can severely restrict the growth of certain conifer species, including Sitka spruce, the main commercial species. Until the 1970s this was thought to be due solely to competition from heather and was commonly known as ‘heather check’. However, increased planting of Sitka spruce on very […]
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    [Archive] Mechanical characteristics of sitka spruce

    Lead Author: B.A. Gardiner
    This Occasional Paper details a series of tests which have been carried out on 10 sitka spruce trees about 15 metres tall in order to determine their mechanical characteristics. This information is necessary for the design of model trees for use in wind-tunnel studies of airflow over forests.