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  • Research

    Kew Grow Wild Programme Evaluation

    The purpose of the Grow Wild evaluation is to assess the impact on the people participating in two different kinds of activities, that make up the Grow Wild project.
  • Research

    Active Forests Programme Evaluation: Pilot Phase

    The research is an evaluation of the Active Forest Programme run by Forestry Commission England and funded by Sport England.
  • Publications

    Community based forest enterprises in Britain: Two organising typologies

    Lead Author: Bianca Ambrose-Oji
    Business and enterprise models in community based forest enterprises in Britain In a paper published in the journal Forest Policy and Economics, Forest Research social scientists, Bianca Ambrose-Oji, Anna Lawrence and Amy Stewart, examine diverse community-based and social enterprise business models by using a systematic framework to organise evidence from 33 case studies across Wales, Scotland […]
  • Publications

    Comparing the Costs and Revenues of Transformation to Continuous Cover Forestry for Sitka Spruce in Great Britain

    Lead Author: Owen Davies
    Paper examines the economics of transforming a stand of Sitka spruce to Continuous Cover Forestry Recently continuous cover forestry (CCF) has become an accepted approach to forest management in Britain, but uncertainty about its economic consequences may be a barrier to its wider use. A study was carried out to examine the costs and revenues of […]
  • Research

    Realising the cultural value of a Caledonian pine forest

    A series of workshops, public discussions and forest walks, facilitated by environmental artists, to explore the cultural values associated with the Black Wood of Rannoch.
  • Publications

    Forests as places of mental well-being for people with dementia

    Lead Author: Mandy Cook
    This Research Note is based on a PhD research study ‘Forests as places of mental well-being: the meaning and use of urban forests by people with early-stage dementia’. The study examines and develops ways for people with dementia (especially those in the early stages) to engage with nature, and with other people, in the context […]
  • Research

    Future Proofing Plant Health

    The Future Proofing Plant Health project aims to provide evidence for the implementation of the GB Plant Biosecurity Strategy. It will focus on strategic areas related to new and emerging pests and diseases (prevention, detection, control, resilience), as well as identifying priority pests, diseases and pathways.
  • Research

    Integrated optimal rotation length modelling

    Optimal rotation length model, which accounts for timber production and climate change mitigation (in terms of carbon benefits) and adaptation (in terms of windthrow risks), is developed.
  • Publications

    Behavioural policy ‘nudges’ to encourage woodland creation for climate change mitigation

    Lead Author: Darren Moseley
    Evidence indicates that woodland creation is generally a cost-effective method of climate change mitigation, when compared with a range of alternatives. However, engaging landowners and land managers in woodland creation schemes can sometimes prove difficult, and this affects prospects for meeting national woodland planting targets and associated climate change mitigation objectives. Although reluctance to plant […]
  • Publications

    We have stopped moving: Tackling physical inactivity – a role for the Public Forest Estate in England?

    Lead Author: Liz O’Brien
    This briefing note outlines evidence on the role of the Public Forest Estate in helping to tackle physical inactivity. It draws on research into the health benefits of forests and also greenspace and green infrastructure in which trees are often an important or key component. It argues that the Public Forest Estate in England is […]
  • Research

    Observatree early warning system for tree health

    Details of the Observatree project to set up a new tree health early warning system in the UK.
  • Research

    Community Woodlands and Forestry

    Researching community involvement in woodland ownership, management and forest governance