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A new United Kingdom-wide guide outlining how our forests and woodlands can reduce the damaging effects and financial impact of flooding on vulnerable communities has been published by the Forestry...
Recently published research conducted by Bangor University and Forest Research reviews the current state of knowledge on the role of forested lands for natural flood management (NFM) in the UK....

A recent project has investigated the potential of using Natural Flood Management (NFM) to reduce flooding incidents on the strategic road network.

The Forestry Commission and Peatland Action are supporting Forest Research to investigate the effects of peatland restoration by deforestation on nutrient and carbon transport to surface waters.

There is growing interest in working with natural processes (WWNP) to reduce flood risk. WWNP aims to protect, restore and emulate the natural functions of catchments, floodplains, rivers and the coast. It includes, for example, restoring peat moorlands, re-meandering rivers, targeting woodland planting and improving floodplain connectivity to help to reduce the flood risk to communities downstream.