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Forest Research works across the UK as the leading provider of applied forest and tree-related science, forestry data services, policy evidence, technical development, specialist extension services and professional training, and also collaborates internationally on tree-related research.  With reference to our business activities we will:

  • Comply with relevant legislation.
  • Manage our activities according to the UK Forestry Standard and ISO 14001.
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to support government Net Zero
  • Manage our consumption of water and energy and increase the proportion of our energy derived from renewable sources.
  • Manage the environmental impact of our business travel and promote the use of sustainable methods of transport.
  • Manage the amount of waste which we produce, increase the proportion of our waste which is reused or recycled.
  • Prevent pollution and maintain effective emergency response procedures.
  • Where practical, procure goods and services from sustainable sources and materials.
  • Continually improve our performance through the setting of realistic targets, monitoring of our progress and promoting environmental awareness with our colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Encourage and support the best environmental practice across the wider sectors in which we work.

We will review this environmental policy annually and update it as necessary.  We will publish it on the Forest Research website and display it in public areas of Forest Research buildings.

Signed copy of FR’s Environmental Policy Statement